Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm Wondering Why


I’m wondering why the pricing labels on CD music discs are always stuck on over the section which displays the track information. If you thumb through the racks in any store you’ll see that every CD music disc has the pricing labels stuck on in exactly the same spot on each case. Can that be an accident? It’s too dumb even to be termed stupidity. I don’t buy a CD unless I can see the list of tracks that are printed on the back which is usually never.
And what’s the story with the little white square labels with the price prices on them. They’re cut into three sections so that when you try to peel one section back ever so gently the whole section tears off at the perforation. Now you have to begin again, usually with a razor blade, on the next section. Invariably a blob of the price tag remains stuck to the case of the CD. If you try other means to get the sticker off such as rubbing it with an abrasive pad then the plastic of the case is damaged so that every CD in your collection has an unsightly blemish on the case either from nibs of paper which cannot be removed or else from scratches applied in an effort to remove them.
I’m also wondering why the manufacturers of CDs insist on putting that infernal strip of transparent tape over the edge of the CD case so that you can’t get the case open even after you’ve gotten the wrapper off. The tape is impossible to pull off in one piece.
What’s the matter with those guys who package CDs? Why does every product have to be covered with stamps and labels like a vacationer’s trunk? CD packaging is so problematic I’d just as soon pirate my music from the internet.



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