Friday, July 24, 2009

Erin Andrews Naked Video

July 23,2009

Personally I think it was hypocritical for ESPN to ban the staff of The New York Post from participating in ESPN broadcasts just because the newspaper chose to run the nude photos of ESPN's sideline reporter Erin Andrews which were taken clandestinely in her hotel room. What is this knockout blonde doing on the sidelines anyway if not trying to capture the sexual attentions of the players and coaches and win new fans through the power of the sexual ogle. Every network has cute girls at the sidelines of sporting events now and oft times in the broadcasting booths as well posing for the cameras and showing off their sports erudition (among other things). And don't try to tell me that the networks are only trying to further the cause of liberating women to the possibilities of new careers in business. I'm sure the use of a little sideline sexual titillation maneuvering itself for a sure fire few seconds' interview with Tom Brady is part and parcel of their broadcast strategy.

Do I sound a bit cynical about women insinuating their sexual prowess into the sports' arenas of America? Perhaps I am because I know that relationships between the sexes belong in the bedroom and not in the amphitheatre and even the bedroom is not that safe if you're a star, as Ben Roethlisberger will testify.......... as well as Kobe before him. Women entering the world of male sports is always a dicey proposition. Does anyone remember the Himmelberg Wall? It's still in use today. It's that blue screen in front of which all NFL postgame interviews are held. Michele Himmelberg was a Florida reporter who was assigned to cover the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team and was denied access to the Bucs locker room back in 1979. The incident spelled the end of the post game locker room whopee for all media and introduced the post-game blue screen interview area background , a variation of which is still in use today. Lisa Olson of the Boston Herald actually made it into the Patriots locker room back in 1990 where she was crudely chastised by the jocks and held up to ridicule via gestures of naked exhibitionism.

It's been suggested that women do not truly understand sports as men do because they lack the testosterone that drives men on the playing fields and in the locker rooms. There's nothing glamorous about women climbing the barricades of men's sports' competition and nosing their way into masculine camaraderie. The ultimate penalty for such an intrusion is the humiliation of the sexual insult with all the macho participants engaged in the rejection. Woman—Know Thy Place!! The locker room is sacred ground. The recent Erin Andrews video debacle is only another chapter in the battle of the sexes.