Saturday, December 12, 2009

On depression

December 12,2009

I think that depression is a loss of desire. Whenever I feel depressed and/or withdrawn I sit down at the computer and I write,

"He was depressed."

And I wait for a response. I consider this act of writing tantamount to knocking on the door of the mind and shouting,

"Okay, open up in there! I want the info!"

I may sit for a long time thinking about nothing but then a fleeting thought will cross my mind which may have nothing to do with depression. It may be:

"I was just thinking how my father loved to work in his garden!"

An odd, random thought indeed. I write it down. Now I'm taken to thinking about my father's garden and another thought occurs to me at random. I write:

"I always wanted to work with my father in his garden but he would never let me. He thought I was stupid. He always called my mother to come and get me when I was around him. It hurt my feelings. I only wanted to show him how much I loved him-------------"

Now, suddenly, you have a comet by the tail. No more glum, unfeeling staring into space. The mind is creaking open and the pain issues forward. Maybe you can't handle the pain but there it is. It's a game breaker which can knock your depression for a loop.

The mind is eager to tell what it knows if one can find the means to ask. It works every time for me and in the process of discovery the depression is inadvertently forgotten. Once you make that break with your depression it can never hold you fast again. All you need to do is listen to your thoughts and write them down as they emerge. Your story will tell itself.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Troops to Afghanistan

December 2,2009

Watching and listening to O'Bama's speech on sending additional troops to Afghanistan. Thirty thousand more GIs to do.........what? The object in going to Afghanistan in the first place was to avenge the 9/11 terror attacks by rooting out al Qaeda and killing bin Laden. We didn't get Osama but we did drive the al Qaeda out of the country. Mission accomplished! What else?

We've extended our concerns in Afghanistan. Now we want to secure the cities, kick out the Taliban, train the Afghan army. It is like Vietnam and the reasons for our presence are not that much different. Johnson said that if we didn't defend democracy in Vietnam the dominoes would fall in Southeast Asia. That turned out to be wrong. O'Bama says that if he didn't believe Afghanistan/Pakistan was a threat to America's security he would gladly bring the troops home immediately. Where's the difference? The predicament is the same. O'Bama's morphing into George Bush.

We went into Iraq without invitation to free the Iraqi people from the yoke of Saddam Hussein. His bogus nuclear weapons were our excuse to invade.We dispatched Saddam and no nuclear weapons were found. Okay..... mission accomplished!! Why are we still there?

The impression in Iraq was that there was no long term agenda. American troops were not fighting any actual battles with decisive results but just hanging around dodging car bombs and IEDs. The troop casualties began to mount one IED at a time. The press was watching and counting. Frustrations with the war increased as the price accelerated until it became a political hot potato.

Here we go again in Afghanistan.