Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Palin Memoir

November 18,2009




I watched Palin/Oprah. Haven't read the book. She seemed vivacious, confident, candid. But honest? Who can tell? Too many politicians are professional liars and deniers. I believe her. She didn't make up all those colorful stories. Her version sounds too much like real life. McCain picked her to consolidate the conservative vote. They thought she was a Barbie doll. They hated her but they thought they needed her. It didn't work. The issue with Palin now is whether the conservative right will continue to intimidate the Republican party. The monkey's uncle is a viable candidate at this stage. If the conservatives do hold sway in 2012 watch out for Palin. In a party that deifies people like Limbaugh and Beck she's a good bet as the next losing Republican.